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A few days ago, Russia discovered a new Lego Star Wars product. The item in the gift box is a mystery, but it seems to be a special box designed by the local LEGO certified store in collaboration with its licensee LEGO Group.
Now, The Holo Brick Archives seems to have discovered that fans who order the box will find the contents. This is a list of websites translated from Russian to English:
75317 Mandalorian and Child 52224 Fight with the invisible writer of the diary 40391 First-order Stormtrooper 40333 Battle of Hoth-20th Anniversary Edition 40407 Death Star II Battle 40268 R3-M2 40330 “UFO” 40129 “Flying Saucer” 4638338 Darth Vader
Star Wars fans are still hunting down the 75280 501st Legion clone soldier because the suit has recently sold out again in the UK. Since its release in August, it has been in demand, maintaining inventory for only a short period of time.
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Post time: Oct-19-2020